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This page is a Janus base. Please don't RP here with any non-Janus character, unless you have a reason to be here.

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Welcome to the Janus HQ, under the canals of Venice!


Leadership Triumvirate[]

  • - Director of Branch Operations
  • - Director of Arts
  • - Director of Branch Infrastructure
  • Director of Branch Operations - Organizes Clue hunting missions and such
  • Director of Arts - Commisions paintings and other works of art, as well as organizes the performance schedule for the Venice stronghold theater
  • Director of Branch Infrastructure - Manages miscellaneous tasks within the branch



There's plenty to do around here, like visit the art galleries, see a show, train, chill out in your room, spy on your enemies, contact other Janus or attend a meeting. Also, if you need advice on something, you could ask Cora Wizard. If you're ready to leave, take a boat out or come out the way you came in.